How to adjust big TV stands in our living room

How to adjust big TV stands in our living room

People go crazy when a new TV is launched in bigger size than previous one. Many of us buy them and thus to hold them the big TV stands. But problem often associated with this is that arrangement of this big TV stands in our house. Understanding to maintain harmony and balance big TV stands with other furniture has been a headache for many interior designers as well. We are discussing some interesting ways to balance this big TV stands in neutral with other furniture.

  1. Go for minimal look –

You know you have big TV stand in your living which will be now the center of attraction of your décor, so go low on other furniture. Also with big stand, you will have increased storing capacity. Reduce other storing furniture around. Make sure you sleek stand as its only one making statement for you.

  1. Accessories –

Select TV stands that give you couple of shelves. Use these showcase some of your great painting, sculptures or showpieces that you were falling short to display before. This will divert the attention to smaller items on the stand thus making it more interesting.

  1. Make them gaming junction –

If you have big TV stands then if can hold any amount gaming devices. Stock all drawers with your gaming gadgets. Call over your friends, colleagues and proudly show – off these to them. We promise they will envy you to be so lucky.

  1. In- builds –

Try and get them to integrate in some ways to your already existing in – built furniture. In case you don’t have an in – built unit, add shelves above adjacent to your TV. Make sure their look is similar to the TV stand. It will make a look of in – built unit in much cheaper rates as well.

  1. Combine –

Are you fan of having big collection? But you don’t have library to stock them? Be it books, CDs, DVDs or other, stock them in these big TV stands. Choose stands that open display drawers that can hold and show these collection at the same time. Now your book shelves and TV stand are combined, enabling more space in your living room.