How to add a Full periodic table to your kids study room?

How to add a Full periodic table to your kids study room?

A kid’s study room should be ideally set to boost interest in studies and knowledge. A curious mind can go far places and is beneficial. A study room should hence be a reflection of what their interests and passions. If your child is a science geek and is driven by passion for studies, full periodic table furniture is ideal for study space. Full periodic table furniture is a table with the periodic table of chemistry built into it. The kid can use the periodic table for multiple uses and will thoroughly enjoy it. Here are the steps of building a periodic table study table for your child’s study:

Things needed:

Making a list of all the required things is essential to ensure nothing is forgotten and you have everything on hand when you start the project. You would need the following things:

  • Wooden planks
  • Cutters
  • Black board
  • Paints
  • Glass
  • Polish
  • Brushes
  • Nails
  • Hammer
  • All essential DIY furniture tool kits


Draw a plan of the size requirements, design style and any extra requirements. This is essential for construction as nothing will be forgotten and will help with better planning and no regrets. Cut the wooden plank in the desired shape for the casing table top, legs and any drawers if required. Paint or polish the planks thoroughly and allow it to dry for at least a day. Assemble and build all the pieces together and make a base for the table. Get the glass cut in the desired shape to fit the encasing of the table top perfectly. On the black board, paint the periodic table using stencils for letters and keep a sample periodic table printed as a guide. Ensure no mistakes are made and the periodic table is painted as it is. Embed the black board in the wooden casing and cover it with the glass top to complete the final full periodic table.


Any stickers or decals can be added to the table as per choice, and the can be set against a bold bright colored wall. Bright walls in the study area, especially yellow stimulate the developing brain of the child. Your kid will enjoy the table for multiple uses thoroughly. Add a bright lamp to focus on the table.