How can Periodic Table Interactive Help you?

How can Periodic Table Interactive Help you?

Today with technology advancing we are coming across furniture that can communicate with us through colours and light. When anything hot is kept on the table you get stains which disappear normally when the hot cup that was kept is removed and the surface cools. This surface is known as thermochromic surface and you can have tables with such surfaces. Any warm surface that comes in contact with the table will leave a temporary mark. This is periodic table interactive where the surface reacts when the heat is there.

How People having Ear for Music can make different sounds with wood?

People having ear for music can put different bits of wood together to make different sounds. They can have garden benches which make different sounds when you bang on them or unique pieces of furniture  can be put together  to get the drum sound when you bang on them.

Kids who have got these pieces of furniture together can get together and make different sounds of music like an orchestra.

Ways in which Furniture responds to Human Touch with Light and Colour

There is a bench which is known as sparkle bench and it responds to the users touch with change in colour of light. The design of the bench is rectangular, simple and minimal. The bench is versatile and has a modern look. It has an innovative design with simple lines.

It is provided with 64 LEDS and 64 sensors that change the colour when it is touched. When you see the colour change you feel you are communicating with the bench which is a piece of furniture.

How Furniture Changes colour with Touch?

When kids see furniture changing colour at a touch they find it very interesting and this is what kids find in the Mississippi Children Museum. The benches that the children touch are constructed from translucent resin and are provided with sensors and LED lights. These are used to teach the children about electrical storms.

When the children touch these benches the sensors in the network sense the electrical charge in the human body and react to it with flickering of light which the child sees.

This is how furniture reacts to human touch with change of light and colour and is known as periodic table interactive.