Guidelines to Picking the Perfect Coffee Table Living Room

Guidelines to Picking the Perfect Coffee Table Living Room

So you wish to acquire a Coffee Table Living Room but you’re not sure of the style, shape, or material make up that will suit your needs. Fret not. I’ve put together a few guidelines to help you in your decisions to purchasing that perfect Coffee Table living room that will add that finishing touch to your Living Room, giving it a dignified look!


Coffee  Tables can range from super-expensive to very cheap and budget friendly. Having a predetermined amount of money to spend on a furniture is the first step to achieving satisfaction and true value for your money. It is the starting point to getting that dream Coffee Table.


Rectangular tables are the most popular and they usually work best with long sofas and seating arrangements. Round tables suit small sofas best. Avoid using round tables with long sofas; they have a way of making round tables appear small. If you’re someone who entertains a lot of visitors, square tables would be inappropriate since this makes it hard for everyone to reach it. An oval table is usually good if you have kids and pets at home.


The standard height of Coffee Tables is between 15 and 17 inches. A suitable table is one with a similar height as your sofa or one which is one – two inches lower and approximately two-thirds of the length of your sofa.


They could be made of wood, stone, glass, metal, or upholstery. Glass tables makes your Living Room appear spacious. This is quite ideal for small Living Room spaces. These tables however, have to be cleaned regularly since spills and dirt are much more obvious on them than their wooden and metallic counterparts. A marble-topped table can give your Living Room a traditional look.


There are many styles of Coffee Tables in the market. They could be Transitional, Traditional, Industrial, Contemporary, or Parson. If you desire a casual touch to your Living Room a transitional style table is just what you need. For bright, colorful accents, a Contemporary Coffee Table will suffice. If you wish for a  simple table with which you can embellish with different materials, the Parson style is for you.

It can be quite time consuming and some effort picking that perfect table. So seat back, think it through and apply discretion for nothing good comes easy. It will be worth the effort.