Great Designs to Choose from Stone Coffee Table design

Great Designs to Choose from Stone Coffee Table design

To think of having a stone for a coffee table may seem strange to some people because many homes are yet to come to terms with the stone design for coffee tables. It is simply the use of natural stones or slates for a coffee table design! You heard that right, stones for a coffee table design.

Well, if you say processed stone, you may not be wrong. These designs come in different styles and patterns to make your living room cool and classy.

Stones being what they are in weight and form, you should expect something of much weight in thestone coffee table designs. Here are some design styles that are lovely and cute with stone coffee table design.

Glass top designs

These are simply modern with a rock solid base of stone molded to form a rigid support for the glass top. Think of a rock holding an object up in this design. This is a simple design that can only serve to hold objects at the top. With the glass top design, every space area around the design and the base can be explored from the top easily if a clear glass is employed.

The block designs

These are all stone design. You have stones arranged in blocks or layers. The top usually comes flat and wider than the base. When painted in the color of your choice, you are bound to have the scenery of a rock formed right at the center of your living room.

Stone and metal combination

For this design, it is a stone top with the metal base. This form exists in rectangular and, square and other shapes. Metals are tough just like stones and should be able to give the required support for the flat stone top.

There are other cutestone coffee table designs such as solid oval stone forms. This is a stone coffee table that is in the oval form with all parts of solid stone design.. It’s a beautiful design also when painted especially if in the white finish.