Go natural with a Wicker Coffee Table design for your home

Go natural with a Wicker Coffee Table design for your home

When a rare material is used in a furniture design, it always catches the eyes where ever they are found. How will you describe a wicker coffee table design? It’s lovely, right? That is it. It’s simply beautiful and brings nature closer to your living room because of the material involved in the crafting.

The material

When talking about the wicker product, it is any of the material of raffia, cane, reed or rattan. All these are synonymous in the usage of the term.The principle behind the material is the weave that brings the material together. When strands of cane or others are woven, it can be bent and used for furniture making. The spaces in the weave allow for air and for this, it is a good choice of material for hot regions especially. The strength the material possesses gives it the durability and toughness for a long use. That is why it can also withstand extreme weather conditions.

Coffee table design options

A Wicker coffee table can come solely from wicker design in the traditional rectangular or square shapes. If you want extra touch in design, you can have a glass and wood-wicker combination such that the top is covered with glass while the sides and base are all covered with cane material.

Lovely designs can yet be found with the oval wicker coffee table design. The design style here can be a perimeter covering with wicker design from the top down to the base. This is a unique design you will find in contemporary and luxurious homes.

Keeping it natural

To keep the natural tone of the wicker coffee table design alive in your home, keep the finish natural by spraying or staining to brighten the natural brown or dark brown color that often comes with most cane products. It is however not impossible to find other paintings such as white finishes for your design. It’s quite possible toobut with a natural finish, it is always cool to have along with other furniture in the home.