Gives a new Look to your Living Room with an Elemental Table

Gives a new Look to your Living Room with an Elemental Table

Elemental tables are made from reclaimed wood many of the times picked up from torn down buildings. Wood that is in good condition is shaped by craftsmen to make tables as well as other stuff. Elemental tables last a long time.

Add an elemental Table to your Living Room to make it attractive

Elemental table is made from wood that is got from torn down buildings. The table has a rectangular top which is beautifully shaped by the craftsmen on the edges. The four legs are sturdy to hold the table firmly. A support is placed between the two legs on either side.

This table can be used as a centre table to hold vase with flowers or to place a cup of tea when entertaining. The table is contemporary in design with unique craftsmanship and rich characteristics that you find in reclaimed wood and is made from Elmwood.

Elemental Table can be used as Console table

Make your entry way attractive with an elemental table below the huge mirror fixed on the wall. The table can be conveniently used to place keys and gloves and handbag as you enter the houses and to have a look in the mirror as you pick up the keys to rush out.

It also helps in the storage of newspaper and magazines. A ceramic vase can also occupy a corner of the table. The cherry wood finish easily matches the décor of any room and can well match the furniture in the room.

The Benefits of Elemental furniture

Elemental tables and stools are used to decorate homes. Many of the elemental units of furniture are made from reclaimed wood. There are twisty hand-crafted stools which are placed between sofas to enhance homes. Most of the elemental furniture is crafted by hand by artisans and people buy it for its unique look.

Reclaimed wood is used to make coffee table with beautifully welded steel frames for the base. The welded bases are finished with black patina to give a vintage look to the coffee table. The reclaimed wood is given unstained wax finish or lacquer finish.

If you are interested in elemental table you can get one for your living room, entryway or a big one for the dining room.