Give your living room the spice of Solid Wood Coffee Table design

Give your living room the spice of Solid Wood Coffee Table design

The root of coffee tables design can be traced to the solid wood designs. This is a total wood design on all sides of the design. In the traditional forms, you will often find the conventional rectangular or square designs in the solid wood finish.

Ever since, solid wood for coffee tables still remains cool and better finish addition to blend with the modern home interior design. A lot could account for the feat in the sustenance of the solid wood coffee table designs.

Properties that come with solid wood designs

Wood is durable. It is sturdy for the hardwoods. Many of the wood types like oak and mahogany are resistant to insect attack and don’t rot easily. The unique properties of specific wood types also come to play in the various design styles. Walnut is a beautiful design material of choice for dark wood design. For a lighter and brown tone, maple can be very good for the appearance. Great qualities also abound with other softwood and hardwoods. These are qualities why solid wood coffeetable designs will continually receive patronage.

Unique designs with solid wood

A Solid wood coffee table exists in some unique designs on the market. Many of these represent the traditional and vintage designs of the past and are lovely to bring back the memories of the time for those who lived during the time or just as a design style of choice.

The chest coffee tables are some unique solid wood designs. Most come with storage compartments for storage needs. It can be a top lift design or a side slide design. More closely to this design is the coffee table with drawers for storage.

Conventionally, the rectangular and square designs are also solid wood coffee table designs.

Maintaining the design

The solid wood coffee table design is one of the easiest to maintain. Cleaning is easily done with a damp cloth to restore the shine and form from dust. You may consider spraying when the shine isfading away to restore it.