Give the base a focus with Pedestal Coffee Table design for your home

Give the base a focus with Pedestal Coffee Table design for your home

Pedestal coffee tables are known for their unique designs on the base. The designs exemplify the classic finishes in the coffee table manufacture. They are characterized with beautiful engravings and cool finishes in the final product for the market. When buying a pedestal coffee table, you may choose one based on different parameters. Here are some you will find useful in your choice of design for your living room enhancement.

Wood on wood pedestal design

For this design, it is a wood top and a wood base design. A solid wood design such as walnut and cherry are dark beauty in a wooden finish of the wood pedestal coffee table design. A rectangular wooden top with a similar wooden base is adorable and simply beautiful on walnut. You have other options if solid wood is not your favorite.

Wood on steel pedestal design

A top wood with a base of metal such as steel is a design that will give the extra touch in the material mix in your pedestal coffee table design. A round or rectangular top with a round base pedestal design is cool for this style and can fit any modern home type.

The round pedestal coffee table

When talking of pedestal coffee table, a mention of the round design is common. The round pedestal designs are often simple and chic. These are small size designs you will find on the pedestal types of coffee tables. For these designs, the bases can be so simple even to the top. You can find some as minimal as being only able to contain an item at a time on the top. This does not mean you cannot vary your size in the designs. There are lots of design types that would make a cool addition to your home type especially if you consider a custom design of this type.

Ivory leather, wire frame, and aluminum materials are some other design materials that you will find in some beautiful design of the modern and contemporary designs out there.