Give an Elegant Finish to your Dining Room with Glass Table and Chairs

Give an Elegant Finish to your Dining Room with Glass Table and Chairs

An extendable glass table and chairs can provide an elegant finish to the dining room. The table can comfortably sit four but if a friend or two should drop by and join for dinner the table can be extended. It has chrome framework with beautifully tempered glass top.

Give a new look to the Dining Room with Glass Table and Chairs

The glass table and chairs are beautifully designed with tinted, tempered glass top for the table with celeste chairs to sit four. The base of the table and chairs is made of chrome framework. It has extension mechanism that can extend from 70cm to 110cm. Extension leaves are placed neatly beneath the top of the table.

The feet of the table are adjustable and can be used to adjust the level of the table. The chairs have foam of high density for padding and upholstery of fibre. The chairs have curved elegant backrest which provides extra support. The upholstery is of soft faux leather.

Add style to your Kitchen with Glass Table and Chairs

With glass table and chairs your kitchen can get a contemporary look. The table has a glass top with metal base of chrome. The table has a black top and matching chairs have to be paid for separately. Glass is attached to the base with suction cups.

Base material of the table is metal which is durable and will last for a long time. The table is ideal to sit four people with comfortable leg space.

Give a modern look to the Breakfast Nook with round glass table

Add glass table and chairs to the breakfast nook to give it a new look. The table has leg levellers that can be adjusted to make the height comfortable. The table is constructed from hardwood with metal base with a glass top which adds durability and style. It has a unique look which is perfect for  current  day style.

It has black wood finish and can comfortably sit four. The glass has a tempered top with beveled edge of 1”. It has designer base with accents in chrome.

If you want to have glass table and chairs choose the one that best suits your home style.