Getting a TV Stand for 70 inch TV

Getting a TV Stand for 70 inch TV

A 70 inch TV is a giant television that has a bigger size and more weight, compared to other televisions with lesser inches. Getting a good TV stand for this type of television will entail considering the size and weight of the television stand. Failure to do this could lead to getting a bad TV stand that will not be able to serve the purpose of housing the 70 inch television. Furthermore, the weight of the television also means it will be putting more strain on the TV stand and it is vital to plan carefully to get a good TV stand for 70 inch TV.

Where to place the television

There are types of floor and wall mounted TV stand that usually have a space where you slot in your TV. If you are hoping to get this type of TV stand, it is important that you get this type of TV stand that has been designed for 70 inch TV. This is the only way this type of TV stand will be useful for you. Considering the size of the TV stand you will be getting for the 70 inch TV you won’t want to start thinking about returning the TV stand after buying it and then start bringing another one. You can talk to the seller and tell them you want a TV stand for 70 inch TV and they will show you the options they have.


The weight of the 70 inch will imply that you get a very strong TV stand for 70 inch TV. Getting a TV stand that is not strong enough will imply putting your expensive 70 inch TV at risk.


You will have to choose between getting a floor or wall mounted TV stand for 70 inch TV. If you are using it at home, it is advisable to go for a floor TV stand as they are generally safer. If you however, have kids at home or you are looking for more space, then you should get a good, strong and suitable TV stand for your 70 inch TV.