Get Low Coffee Table for your Entertainment Space

Get Low Coffee Table for your Entertainment Space

There is no special height for the coffee table, as per the size of your living room and furniture you can choose the height of the coffee table. Coffee tables come in different sizes and styles and you can choose the size that blends best with your furniture. The coffee table that you choose depends on your needs, whether you require one with storage space that can help you to have your space organized or one to keep a few accessories like remote control and your cup of tea.

A Pine Coffee Table with Two Shelves

Pine is strong wood so when you choose a coffee table of pine you can be sure it will last for many years. It has two shelves, the lower one will help you to keep your books, magazines and TV remote while the top one can hold a ceramic vase of flowers and your cup of tea. It is durable and may require a coat of wood polish to give it a fresh look in a year or two.

It has a natural feel of solid wood and does not require much maintenance. It can be wiped clean with a damp cloth and a mild cleaner and then wiped with a dry soft cloth.

A Rectangular Shaped Coffee Table

This low coffee table is made of oak wood which is strong and durable. It is spacious with two shelves. The lower shelf can hold magazines and artefacts while the top shelf can be kept free. It has black finish which matches with furniture in the room. It is ideal for you to relax with a cup of tea or beverage in the evenings.

A ‘b’ shape coffee table for a unique Look

It is made up of three shelves and the top shelf has a glass insert which is rectangular. The second shelf is narrow and the last shelf is very spacious. On the left side the shelves are open with a rod of woodin a cylindrical shape passing from the last shelf to the first.

The rounded edge of the ‘b’ has a serrated edge which is carved by hand. The coffee table has wood finish with a black edge all round.

If you want to get a low coffee table choose one that matches the height of your furniture.