Get Beech Coffee Table for Lasting Service

Get Beech Coffee Table for Lasting Service

The beech coffee table is made up of two shelves one deep and the other shallow for storage. It is compact and can be place in the window alcove with two armchairs on the side. The drawers provide ample space forstorage to keep your place organized. It is heavy andof good quality to last for many years.

A Coffee Table with Unique Design

The table is built with carved legs and can be separated into three parts. The table top is made of reinforced glass which is fitted into the wood surface. Thetop  as well as the legs of the table are built of oak while the edge of the table is beech.

This table can provide ample space especially when you are entertaining. The top of the table is spacious to hold artefacts and also a table lamp. You can relax in an armchair by the side of this table and enjoy your cup of tea.

A Coffee Table of Rectangular Shape

The beech coffee table is made up of a rectangular top with beautifully carved edge and ribbon like carving on the top. The table has four legs two of which are straight and two arecurved. The legs are joined on the three sides by a wooden strip.

The table has lacquered surface but a damp glass cannot be kept on it directly as it leaves a mark. It is very convenient when you offer your guests a cup of tea and snacks.

A Round Coffee table with carved edging

The coffee table is made of a round top with hand carved wooden edge all around. A sturdy beam supports the table in the centre from which three scroll type of feet hold the table firmly. The table is given a brown wood finish with a black edge all round.

It can be conveniently fitted in a corner between two sofas to help you relax in the evening with a cup of tea. The table top can accommodate a lamp to help you read in the evenings. Ii can also hold your book among the other things.

If you want to buy a beech coffee table choose one that is sturdy to give you good service.