Get a Computer Stand For Desk to Work Comfortably

Get a Computer Stand For Desk to Work Comfortably

Many people use computers and ipads for a large part of the day whether it is working, gaming or keeping in touch with friends on the social media. This involves more than two hours on the computer and since our bodies are not built to remain in a seated posture for long, our bodies can be put to a lot of strain. To prevent this computer stand for desk is a good option.

An Adjustable Laptop Stand

A laptop stand keeps the laptop ventilated and prevents crashes. There is a metal mesh in the laptop stand which draws heat away from the laptop. The height of the stand can be adjusted for good flow of air and for typing and reading comfortably.

It can be adjusted from 12 – 35 degrees. There is an organizer for cord which has six slots to present an orderly and neat arrangement. The stand measurements are 13 X11 X 7.2 inches when the height is maximum.

Height Adjustable Computer Stand

Adjustable Workstation helps you to work comfortably whether standing or sitting. This adjustable stand helps to maintain the right posture when typing on the computer so that there is no strain in the back or shoulders. You can go from sitting to standing with a smooth motion with the help of spring force.

By squeezing the pressure handle the proper comfort level is obtained. The top surface measures 23.5” X 15.5” which provides ample space for single monitor, laptop and dual monitor.

Computer Stand of Adjustable Height

The curved cutout at the end helps the cords of the monitor to slip down behind if the stand is placed close to the wall. The aesthetics are improved when the curve is facing the user. The stand helps to raise the screen to the perfect height that is required for TVs, laptops or monitors.

The stand is made from tempered glass 1/3 “thick and 22” long and 9.5” wide. It has aluminum feet which are tubular and height can be adjusted from 3.5”- 4.3”. It is perfect for any office.

If you like to enhance the height of your monitor get a computer stand for desk.