Furniture Tips: How to Make a Very Small Coffee Table Stand Out In Every Room

Furniture Tips: How to Make a Very Small Coffee Table Stand Out In Every Room

Furniture pieces often, if not always, drive the design of a room. One of the most essential is a coffee table, which is almost always present especially in living rooms and bedrooms. Similarly important as the style you choose, the proportion, design and form of your coffee table will make sure it’s a functional line-up player in every room it is situated in.

However, some rooms have limited space, causing owners to buy small items. It’s a good thing that there are coffee tables that are very small and can take minimum space of a space-limited room. But how do you make sure that a very small coffee table won’t go unnoticed in a room full of furniture? These tips might just help you out.

Use the table in spaces that accentuates it and doesn’t overwhelm it.

Coffee tables have various shapes, but when it comes to a limited space, some just don’t work. For example, when you need a coffee table in between two couches that are in an angular position—it is very wise to use a square-shaped one because it will take up all the space in between the couches yet it can still be seen. No wasted spaces plus it accentuates your coffee table!

Add noticeable decorations that won’t eat up a lot of the space of a very small coffee table.

Tall, thin and vibrant decorations are a must for tables like these. You can use a vase, a lamp or some greens to accent the table you have chosen, but keep in mind that these should not take up most of the table’s space as it can be used to place your things.

Pair it up with furniture items that complement it well.

Although mixing things up is creative, it is somewhat a risk especially when you don’t have a specific theme in mind. This might leave other items unnoticed. Buying sofa sets might come in handy or having a friend give an opinion on how your arrangement looks.

Place it where it can be seen easily.

Of course, what’s the best way to stand out? Be seen! That’s what you have to do with your furniture—arrange it so it doesn’t overlap one another and make sure your coffee table can be seen. Better if you actually use your coffee table on a daily basis, not just let it sit there as a decoration as this will give the table much attention. It’s best to place it in the center of the room.