Furniture Table to decorate your dining room

Furniture Table to decorate your dining room

There is an almost generalized trend to ruin the dining tables involuntarily, putting over them ornaments that make the space not look as it should. So, the best way to decorate a dining table is to not put anything. And if you put something that is neither too big and nor too overloaded.

Small details to decorate the dining room table.

The decorations can generate enthusiasm that provide a topic to talk about, and show that the host has made a commitment to set the furniture table.

Nowadays opulence is not fashionable, but rather small details, so it is recommended to choose decorations that refer to spring. It can be a colored ribbon around the napkin in spring colors, or you can put one, nice and pretty flower on the cloth napkin, and on the plate. For some experts, another essential element is candles.

You can also decorate with inherited pieces, such as a grandmother’s sugar bowl, or a jar inherited from an aunt.

Avoid overloading the table and taking care of the details.

When it comes to special occasions, Furniture tables are often overpopulated, so it is recommended to create a certain order and generate optical tranquility by grouping some elements. For example, the sugar and dairy can be placed next to other small objects on a tray.

When the guests notice that the host has taken care of, they feel welcome and happy. This is achieved with small details, such as placing the jam on a small plate and not serve it with the glass jar, or place small cards with the name of the guests, in the position assigned by the hosts.

Preparing the table for a special dinner.

It is essential to use an elegant tablecloth, preferably light colored, without drawings and individual placements of the chosen color for the decoration, accompanied by cloth or paper napkins inspired by the occasion.

It is recommended to use a single-colored tableware, neutral colors. For example, plain white dishes will make the beauty of food stand out above everything else. As for cutlery, they can be metal without coated handles or with white, black or gray handles, depending on the color chosen for the decoration.