From the age of the caves to the present, the furniture reflects the circumstances, characterized by a mixture of concepts, styles, fashions and trends. In this context, the ecological and sustainable wave also called for its space and is taking advantage of it very well. The newest in this are the furniture made with recycled wood, rustic, without much external treatment. These trunks or forgotten wood pieces, delicately cut become furniture parts such as dining table, sofas, beds, and among them the wooden trunk coffee table.

“Wood is a living resource, possessing a beautiful and natural aesthetic that should be highlighted, not covered or worked” say the cabinetmakers.

Manufacture of ecological furniture.

In this ecological trend, the manufacture of wooden furniture is from trees fallen by natural causes or construction waste. With a contemporary design, they are transformed into exquisite furniture. Besides being totally utilitarian, they grant a different advantage to the decoration of the rooms. These woods can be supplemented with elements such as glass and various metals.

The manufacture of this type of furniture, begins with a thorough search of the pieces and then classify them by class, tones, textures and densities. Later they are assembled with several techniques producing solid strips of varying thickness, and boards, whose surfaces show the texture, shades, and degrees of smoothness and the natural beauty of the veins.

A rustic coffee table.

Another way to get a beautiful wooden trunk coffee table is even more rustic. Look for a trunk of at least 30 inches in diameter. Subsequently cut to the height that we want, usually between 12 and 20 inches, then be sanded and smooth the two surfaces of cut and treat very well all faces and convexities of the circumference with chemicals such as varnishes or epoxies. Now we fund an excellent, beautiful, rustic and stable base that we can cover with a glass top that does not exceed 7.5 inches per side.

Build a Coffee table

Two important keys to constructing this wooden trunk coffee table base are, on the one hand, to be sure that the trunk has time cut, in consequence has undergone a natural drying process, and the second is to sanding, smoothing and leveling either two cutting surfaces that will give the support to obtain a stable table.