Enjoy the cool mix of Wood and Metal Coffee Table design in your home

Enjoy the cool mix of Wood and Metal Coffee Table design in your home

Lovely it is when you have a good mix of sturdy and natural wood with sleek metal for a coffee table design. This combination can be described as being in-between traditional and the modern style of design in a coffee table. When you think of a design that would stand the time for durability but without letting off functionality, wood and metals should be considered. They are tough, long lasting and beautiful on finished designs. The material choice will likewise highlight some cool features and set the tone for your interior design style.

Wood types for coffee table

All wood types have their additions to a style in coffee table design. If you want something rustic for a country home, you may take to reclaimed wood or brown colored maple for the design. Dark, black and beautiful designs are best portrayed on chestnuts or walnut, even oak will be great for this. Different woods qualities are utilized for their natural grain type, toughness, resistance to insect attacks and other properties.

Metals for coffee table

The quality metals available for furniture designs are mostly the iron family of steel, wrought iron, nickel and other alloys. When well-polished or painted, metals are adorable and sleek and so good for your coffee table to bring out that contemporary design style. You have this good reason to have the cool mix of wood and metal coffee table design for your living room.

Design options with wood and metals

For many coffee tables in this category, it is most likely for you to have a wooden top and a metal base for the common designs. It is not unlikely even if not common to find the reverse to be the case for the design, especially with a lightweight metal. Pedestal designs with metal base and round wooden top are always cool, simple and beautiful for a wood and metal coffee table design.

So, you have many options in design. Just give some touch here and there if you intend working on a custom design instead.