Enhance your Living Room with 60”TV Stand

Enhance your Living Room with 60”TV Stand

A TV stand can help you get a better viewing angle and should be as wide as the TV. TV stands are short, standard height and tall. They are made of wood and metal to give a long lasting service. The TV stands of wood are ideal for traditional décor while the metal ones are better for modern homes.

A 60” TV stand with quality Wood Finish

The 60” TV stand is constructed with three layered platform design which provides ample space for storage. It is built of manufactured wood with veneers for strengthening. It can accommodate a TV of 60” screen. The shelves can accommodate media player, video games, audio system as well as stacks of VCDs and DVDs.

The colour finish is cherry red which can easily match with any room décor. The shelf is held firmly by 4 strong wooden feet. All the three shelves are of different dimensions.

A TV stand in Contemporary Design you will Love to Have

It is built in contemporary style that can fit into any modern home. It is stylish with functional shelves. It has two glass doors which reveal 4 shelves. It also has cabinets on the side with doors which can be used for display.

It is space saving with lot of storage space. Base is simple and sturdy for stability. There is grommet for cable management. There are brass knobs and handles to open and close easily. All media components can be fitted into the storage space of 60” TV stand.

A Corner TV Stand with Ample Storage Space

A corner 60”TV stand made of quality wood can hold the TV as well as the media player, video games and other accessories. It is built of mahogany wood with cherry wood finish which can easily match the furniture in the room.

There are openings behind for the cable. Four doors open into four shelves which can accommodate all other media components. The open shelf can hold the media player. Since it is made of quality wood it will last a long time. It has handles of brushed nickel finish open easily.

If want to get  a  60” TV stand for yourself  any one mentioned above will suit  you perfectly.