Elegant and business look for Round Dinner Table for 8

Elegant and business look for Round Dinner Table for 8

Many are ready to spend lot on decorating their house and why not after all the pain we take will working is to have a comfortable house which elegant too. Here are few tips that will surely help you-

  1. Play with Light and Dark colors –

Sleek sophistication can be rooted in the dining area by chairs with silver nail head trims to custom made metal front cabinet. Add an Italian chandelier in the center of room, below which a sleek yet solid round dinner table for 8 will be seated grandly. Silver trellis design with navy blue upholstery will dignify the space. For little more playing wallpapers inspired by gray faux bois can be used.

  1. Linear Diversity –

A brick-and-wood beam ceiling emanate and Stone-clad walls along with antique – style chairs and tables will all the talking for you in the area. Involving wide archery in this place will provide little relaxation area between kitchen and dining area.

  1. Go formally vivid –

Formal dining areas usually appear boring to many, in such cases go bold with colors giving a cheer anecdote. Use silk wallpapers in emerald green color will be soothing to eyes and formal as well. Adding more to the statement is tangerine colored velvet chairs.

  1. Combination of elegance and comfort –

You don’t need to go overboard in space, a simple nook can exude the desired elegance for you. Hardwood floor and the dark wood-paneled ceiling contrast have homey feel while smartly balancing the light and dark tones. Addition of chandelier to this will be cherry on cake.

  1. Go Neutral with Texture –

Intricate design and simple color will not give neutral but an extra edge to your round dinner table for 8. With interesting shapes and texture and monochrome color scheme a statement can be made.

  1. Designs in two tones –

Wainscoting, board or batten added on wall can have interesting look in the dining room. Cover the white wainscoting up to 2/3rd of the wall of the room and light band at the top of it. Now that your wall colors are light add chair so darker shade of blue or green say peacock color.