DIY TV Stand for 55 TV

DIY TV Stand for 55 TV

Think about that time when you find good piece of wood and you wanted to make something out of it? Here we take you to step by step journey to make own TV stand.

Materials you will need for preparing your TV stand for 55” inch TV.

  • (2) pieces of reclaimed stained wood, each cut to 4 ft. x 8 inches or 48 inches
  • We purchased ours from Rebuilding Exchange, a non-profit in Chicago
  • (4) top platesto screw legs into
  • (2) pieces of wood, to mount the shelf onto each, cut to 9 inches x 2 inches
  • (1) piece of wood for rack or the shelf, cut to 48 inches x 9 inches
  • (3) connecting L – shaped plates or mending plates
  • Screws as required
  • Paint of any color you want

Step 1 – Firstly the top of the stand table is to be made. Put two reclaimed wood pieces together and screw them together with mending plates. Make sure the bottom of the wood faces towards you.

Step 2 – Screw the top plates on each corner. These screw plates will be attached to the legs of the tables later. This will help the table to stand upright.

 Step 3 – Take the legs of the table and screw them to the top board prepared earlier.

Step 4 – For shelf measure to which you want them to be. In our example we are putting them say 11 inches from the ground. With the measurements provided above align the smaller pieces together on the sides where you want the rack to come and sit. Securely screw them. This will save your efforts in screwing the rack.

Step 5 – Now place the rack wood or shelf wood on these screwed mounted wood pieces on the side before. There is no need to nail them. This will be helpful in case you want to remove them later. Though this articles tells you about adding only one rack, but with similar method you can add as many as you want.

Step 6 – Bottom portion can be painted with any color you like. You’re done, once the paint dries. This makes us a good, dependable, wooden TV stand for 55” inch TV is now ready for use.