DIY Custom Coffee Tables: Helpful Tips for Amateurs

DIY Custom Coffee Tables: Helpful Tips for Amateurs

While it saves a lot of your precious time to just buy furniture online or from your trusted furniture shops, it’s actually an astute choice to make your own custom coffee tables. Not only does it save your money, but also clears out your attic and storage rooms—materials used to make these tables can easily be found from your leftover and unused stuff. You won’t be having a hard time looking for tools, too; they are only at arms’ reach because there’s not much you need, only some carpentry apparatus.

What’s only left for you to be concerned about is how to actually do it. You might be thinking:

How can I possibly do this? I’m no carpenter!

Do not fret; your hero is here to help. These tips might just help you get through with you first batch of custom coffee tables:

  1. Uncomplicated project first

When choosing a design for your first custom-made table, it is best to choose one that is not hard for you to make. During this first project, you are still trying to learn some basic carpentry skills. Usually, you need to learn how to score straight lines, measure precisely, and bond two pieces of wood. Think of it as a carpentry school. Don’t use up a lot of energy, time and money on a big project first—it’s a lot less burdening if you make your mistakes on a trial-and-error template. Frustrations over these kinds of projects might just be the reason you stop doing it possibly forever.

  1. Determine the furniture motif you want to have

It’s easy to determine this one; you just have to check what most of your furniture’s motifs are and execute the same with your custom project. This way, you won’t have to worry where you have to place your project so it comes to good use and won’t feel out of place.

  1. List down the materials and tools you’re going to use

Since you already have your motif, your job is to now look for the materials and tools you’re going to need. For the tools, basically you’ll need a hammer, an electric drill, a saw (use the appropriate and safe ones) and a couple of bonding materials such as nails.

  1. Read a book or search tutorials online

It never really hurts anyone to open a book on basic carpentry or basically any book you need. As for looking for tutorials, it’s shameless! Do not hesitate on seeking help from tip articles like this one.

  1. Measure twice, cut once

Since your purpose on building your own furniture is to save money, this should be your building motto. Think and envisage your actions through, making sure you have the precise measurements before actually cutting. Labelling the woods once they’re cut might come in handy this time, this way you won’t mistake an already cut wood from an un-cut one.

  1. Don’t go on a tool-buying frenzy

Again, since your goal is to save up as much money as you want to, you should not buy tools that are new and incredibly expensive for their quality. It’s best to just borrow some tools from close acquaintances or just use up what’s available in your shed.

  1. Take your time on doing the project

Do not rush your project—this might just be your greatest regret in making your own custom-made tables. Do not skip a coat of varnish or pass over some necessary sanding no matter how tempting it is to just be done with it. You will feel more triumphant if you finish the project flawlessly and exactly the way you want it.

Now get on your feet, get to working and have those custom coffee tables done in no time!