Different Designs of Work Desk

Different Designs of Work Desk


Work desks have different designs depending on the environment they are to be used and more so the taste and the needs of the buyer. The desks are made of different materials which may include wood or glass. The wooden desks are more durable and they can serve you for a longer period of time.

Some of the wood desk designs include.

  1. The Reindeer Desk. This type of desk as the name suggests resembles a deer and it offers a contemporary alternative of writing and reading compared to the usual desk.
  2. The WD Desk. This desk comes in two versions and it has a very simple design which makes it perfect for a modern home office. It has a small platform that holds files and other materials underneath.
  3. The Treasury Table. Being a special desk treasury desk is equipped with drawers that are of different sizes that helps keep your things underneath hence making your table neat. The desk can be used for many purposes including storing of garage tools.
  4. The Wave Desk. This is a desk created with slicing wood technique which supports a popular surface.
  5. The Luna Desk. Luna desk is made by an Italian designer and it is a desk impressive to any and due to its unique design it can be placed in the middle of the room.
  6. The OneLessDesk. This is a desk that offers buyer to have an interesting view of furniture design since you do not need much space in order to use it in your office.
  7. The Lane Desk. The desk sis made from a single piece of wood and it has a drawer unit with it. The main structure of the desk is supported by a modular storage unit. The design of the desk is based on its functionality and its clarity.


There are many different designs of work desk and they have different designs depending on your taste and needs. Some of these desks have shelves and cabinets which help in making your office neat as you can keep your things in them. While buying the desks there is need to do some research so that you buy the right desk for your office.