Decorating Your Glass Coffee Table with Storage Facility

Decorating Your Glass Coffee Table with Storage Facility

See that space at the centre of your Living Room? Yea, I know it’s currently occupied by your Glass Coffee Table but do you know that’s not all that can occupy that space? Your Glass Coffee Table can play host to various decorative features and not just being another furniture in your room. Decorations are always gorgeous on glass coffee tables. Let’s see how this can be achieved.

Place Some Items on Books

Using a stack of two to three brilliantly colored books as bases for other items. These items could be toys, ornaments, figurines, vase, candle stands. Pretty much anything, but let it be pleasing to the eyes. Using two stacks, each on opposite ends of a rectangular glass table with for instance, the model of a super car on one and a vase with blossoms on the other can beautify your table.

Make Use of the Storage Space

Slotting books (hard back books if available) or DVD cases in the storage space of a circular or round glass table so they stand vertical will make your table look alive and colorful; the work of an expert. You can put on display your favorite books here.

Go Green

Plant life gives your table a natural feel. Try using two similar plants or herbs on extreme ends of the lower deck and a third on the center of the surface of your glass table.

It’s Yours

Use the space on your table to talk about yourself, it is yours and in your home. Figurines and models do the trick here. Let them talk about a time in your past, or something you’re expecting in future, a story you’re willing to share if asked about.

Use Aesthetic Trays and Bowls

While adding color to that glossy surface, they also provide the much needed space to accommodate other items such as, statuettes, books, flower bouquet, fresh fruits, models of cars or buildings.

A combination of one or two of these tips should help enhance the beauty of your glass coffee table with storage. Often times decorating one side of your table is the best you can do for it so it doesn’t appear clustered or crowded.