Creating a great space for your media room with a modern TV media stand

Creating a great space for your media room with a modern TV media stand

If you desire to have a perfect wall TV media stand, then you need to know about the different available options before finally making getting one. You would normally have to choose between opting for a free standing TV stand or a wall version. Having a general understanding of the cons and pros of both type of TV media stand will guide your choice to get one.

Pros and Cons of stand-mounted TV media stand

With a stand-mounted TV media stand, you will have more space for storage. With this, you can easily store your surround-sound, gaming system and blu-ray player. You can also hide every cord that will otherwise mess up your media room when you are using a stand-mounted TV stand. This option however, tends to take up some floor space, depending on the size of the stand. They are bulkier and often look less appealing compared to the wall TV stand. It is possible to get nice, classic looking and good stand-mounted TV stands if you are concerned about aesthetics.

Pros and Cons of a wall TV stand

With the invention of the flat screen television also came the wall mounting TV stand for making flat screen TVs accessible and viewable. Considering that it does not take up any floor space or entertainment center, it is quickly becoming more popular than the standing TV media stand. With this, there is more space for pets and children on the floor. It also makes the environment safer. The major con is trying to hide all the cords, so that the area where it is mounted is not a mess. Fortunately, this is usually not a problem, as every cord can be properly hidden by the person mounting the TV.

Factors that should aid your choice

Before making your final choice, you should first consider if it is safe to mount the television on the wall. There is the need to eliminate the risk of the TV falling down and getting damaged. You also need to check if you have adequate space for storing your video games and movies as well as how much space you have to spare.