Create a modern accent by installing a SmallGlassTop Coffee Table

Create a modern accent by installing a SmallGlassTop Coffee Table

Coffee tables highlight the center of the living room to give it that attraction when given a touch that is unique and cool. It is not uncommon to find most coffee tables designed in the conventional traditional form but with a small glass top coffee table to match your living room furniture, the clear and elegance of glass is a pure class addition that cannot be ignored.

The traditional coffee table

What you will see in most designs of the traditional coffee table is the cocktail style with a rectangular or square wooden design. The finishes here are usually country with rustic and natural spray to give that wooden and natural impression. While this type of coffee table still exists, the modern touch to the most coffee tables is surely a beauty to have in the living room, that is, a design with a glass top.

The modern touch of the coffee table

A glass top coffee table is modern in all its sense. With a clear glass, you can feel the space area at the center of the table. Of course, there is hardly a total glass coffee table on its own. You often find glass mixed with metals to add that sleek to the entire design. Well-curved or crossed metal legs made of nickel, steel or chrome metal are some you will find in the small glass top coffee table’s design. A shift from the traditional size to something smaller can really make a cute little design of the center. If you love simplicity in a design, the small glass top coffee table will really make that cut for your interior design choice.

Adorning the top

The glass look itself is simply adorable on a coffee table. Having a vase placed on this glass top adds more to its beautiful design pattern. You can find a place as well for magazines or family photos underneath if you have a little storage addition to this cool, small but functional design in a coffee table. Give it that touch!