Complete your Swedish design with a grey wood coffee table

Complete your Swedish design with a grey wood coffee table

Ever heard about the Swedish design? It deals with neutral colors, such as white, grey, beige and even darker shades, like black. Its main goal is to provide for the space an airless and light feeling so that you do not feel overwhelmed by unnecessary furniture pieces, such as big tables or other wood drawers. In order to put the final touches to a room decorated in such a design, you could definitely opt for a grey wood coffee table. It is the perfect piece to complete your plan.

The smaller the coffee table the better

The inhabitants from the northern countries strongly believe in the idea that less is more. A century ago, when the rest of Europe was trying to copy the opulent houses of boyars, filled up to the maximum with heavy furniture and exaggerated decorations, the Swedish were sticking to their simplicity principle. The northern houses are not crowded with unnecessary things  and the furniture pieces have minimalist shapes, without any other decorations. As it was earlier mentioned, what there is to be remembered is that this type of design is mainly characterized by the concept “Less is more”. That is why a grey wood coffee table would be the perfect choice for you northern living room.

Simple, but also with complex features

Such a coffee table, appropriate for a Swedish design, should be simple, but also quite functional. Choose a product that comes with storing spaces, like little  drawers or shelves underneath the surface where you place your coffee cups or appetizers. Swedish houses are thought to assure all the possible comfort, so that it is not only practical, but also pleasant for the eye.

Don’t deprive your living room of a coffee table

Coffee tables should not miss from a proper decorated living room, and apart from the fact that these pieces are necessary daily when your friends come over, they also successfully complete the design of your living area. If you choose good quality materials, such as wood, you will most definitely succeed.