Comparison between glass and wood coffee table

Comparison between glass and wood coffee table


Both glass and wood coffee table are stylish and decorative. The tables come in different designs, sizes, shape, quality texture and colors. Different designs and styles are perfect for each individual home and you can have either wood or glass coffee table or have booth in the same living room. Due to factors such as budget and space, there is need to make decision on which to purchase.

Glass is Easy to clean

Glass tables are easy to maintain in terms of cleaning since with a clean wet clothe you can wipe the table and looking clean and new. They have a refined look and cleaning them is an easy task. You can as well use placemats and coasters to make sure you don’t ruin the table with the food and beverages spilling over it. However the glass table may be terrific as it could break if hit hard or if you place hot plates or glasses on the glass.

Durability of Wood

Wooden tables on the other hand are more durable and easy to clean too. They are fantastic for your ling room and they have rustic look and they blend well with neutral décor. One worry with the wooden table is that of messing with the paint and the breaking of the table. Great care need to be taken while handling the wooden table because once the table break it has to be replaced completely.

Unlike the glass table which in case of breakage you buy a new glass for the top, the wooden table has to be purchased whole. The two tables are fantastic for your living room and the decision on which to purchase highly depends on your taste and needs as an individual.


Since glass and wood coffee table are both great for your living room, you need to consider the feel and the look of your living room and see if they meet them. If you have children in the house I would recommend the wooden coffee table as it is hard to break compared to the glass table. Consider your budget, your décor and even the design of the table before purchasing.