Coffee Table Wood And Metal: A single or both materials in design

Coffee Table Wood And Metal: A single or both materials in design

A coffee table is that center table you have for your coffee and other uses in the living room. For most designs, you will find a single material of design in wood or you may have a mix of two materials for some of the designs. Whatever your design choice is, they are all cool for your living room to have that beautiful look.

Solid wood coffee table design

Solid wood is one common and about the traditional designs of coffee tables. Well-carved designs of solid wood when finished in natural stains are cool to add that natural mood in your living room interior design. Good quality softwood and hardwoods can be a design choice in a material type. The rectangular and square designs are common shapes you often see in many homes. Modern designs involve some beautiful carvings around the legs.

Wooden top and metal support coffee table

For a coffee table wood and metal design, the uniqueness is in the combinations of both materials. A rectangular coffee table with a wooden top and metal legs are common with these designs. Quality wood and metals such as iron, nickel, chrome or bronze are all lovely for the wood-metal combination in a coffee table design. The design with metals and wood can take any style of a custom design. You can try out something like a round wooden top with a single leg support that extends to a star form on the ground. You may also try out shapes like a half eclipse with a unique support pattern to create something distinct in your living room.

Finishes of the design and maintenance

Coating with spray, stains, and paintings should be done on your coffee table’s design to improve the design structure to fit with your home interior décor. Tanned finish and natural brown or reddish brown in oak or cherry can be a good finish for your coffee table wood and metal design to make the cut in your living room interior design. You can always add something extra in your custom design.