Coffee Table And Chairs As Part Of The Loft Decoration

Coffee Table And Chairs As Part Of The Loft Decoration

The loft is a type of modern dwelling that consists of a spacious and clear space, with very few walls or space divisions. It is a reason that decorating a loft can be more complicated than the decoration of a traditional home, if we do not know how to take advantage of space, what type of furniture to choose or what are the most suitable elements to decorate it.

Easy solutions

A loft is an ideal space to project a modern style. The simplicity, the use pure geometric shapes in the furniture and the choice of light colors are some of the aspects that characterize this decorative style and that will give light and amplitude to your home, although there is always the possibility of giving a touch of color to the spaces and the best option for a loft is to give prominence to one of the walls painting it in a dark or alive color like green, gray, red, brown, etc. Thus, the contrast with other walls is striking and, at the same time, the home gains warmth.


It is advisable to choose furniture that is practical, that serve to keep all things neat and tidy. It seems complicated, but a simple way to do this is to place high-rise vertical furniture in the corners of the rooms and in the center, place lower furniture such as the sofa, chairs and coffee table in the living room area, while shelves, bookcases and storage furniture are stuck to the wall.

As for the style of the furniture, if the loft style chosen is minimalist or modern, you should place sofa, chairs and coffee table, made in straight lines, and geometric shapes. You can use the metal type steel, silver for the base of the coffee table with glass top, and the same for the legs of the chairs, decorated with cushions of bright colors.


Objects such as paintings or vinyl are perfect to decorate any space in a loft and give it a more personal touch. You can use large pictures in intense colors to decorate the white walls and place paintings that enhance the aesthetics of the place. If you want to turn the painting into the focus of the environment, a good idea is to light it well and choose decorative elements of the same chromatic range for the rest of the room.