Choosing the Appropriate Coffee Table and the End Table Set

Choosing the Appropriate Coffee Table and the End Table Set

The living room furniture is usually composed of one or two armchairs, a sofa, a coffee table and one or two end tables set. Some people prefer a large sofa, corner of five or more stalls instead of the armchairs and the linear sofa.

The choice and purchase of the table that will complete the furniture of the room, must be taken seriously.

To choose the appropriate coffee table set, the following must be considered:


The coffee table set should be in harmony with the style of the living room furniture, and especially with the wishes of the inhabitants of the house. Thus, people with a natural spirit often choose the wooden ones, big (if space permits) and neutral colors. Eclectics often choose tables in irregular shapes, materials such as aluminum, steel or plastic, while the classics prefer crystal.


Consider the area of ​​the room to leave enough space between the coffee table set and the armchairs. A very useful tip for that is to mark on the floor with tape, the table measures, to be clear the volume of the set.


Wooden table: Consider the type of wood of the coffee table and the end tables set, and those of the chairs, if they are also of wood, to avoid what is known as “conflict of essences “.

Plastic table: the plastic allows adopting simple and original shapes, adapting perfectly to any furniture, which gives more freshness to the general atmosphere of the house.

Glass table: fits any form of decoration, although it is better with a classic or contemporary set, but watch out for it, if you have children.

Metal table: usually combined with glass or plastic bumpers, and are more sought after to obtain a youthful and contemporary atmosphere.


Many times, we feel that something is missing in the living room, even if the furniture is complete, and the coffee table also needs a touch of decoration, so a vase, with brightly colored flowers or different decorations of any material usually give the touch that was missing.