Choosing flat screen TV stand with mount

Choosing flat screen TV stand with mount

Fixed mount or moveable mount

Television is the common thing which is found at each and every house. The latest trend is of the flat screen TV. It is preferable to choose the flat screen TV stand with mount. There are different mounts available from which you need to choose. You can get the fixed mount or the moveable mount and it depends on the personal choice. Moreover, it also depends on the intended audience and the room layout. All the types have their own positive and negative aspects.

Types of mount

The flat screen TV stands with mount which are fixed hold the TV snug on the wall. In this mount the mount keeps the TV close to the wall thus giving a custom and clean look. The TV wall mount has no option of the position adjustment and thus this is the best when you want to control the lighting and avoid glare on the TV. It is usually suitable for those rooms where the people would be watching the TV in the same position. This is the least expensive mounts for the flat screen TV.

Tilting mounts

The tilting mounts are also available which allows the TV to move vertically. It allows maintaining the position on the wall but they do not allow any horizontal movement. The tilting mount is much recommended at the places where the TV is mounted a bit higher than the normal place. It allows you to adjust the room glare and lights. Usually the tilt amount which is available is 5 to 15 degree in the vertical manner.

Full motion mount

Another type of flat screen TV stand with mount is the full motion mount. It is also known as the articulating mount. It has the greatest range and it allows you to move the TV near and away from the wall. You can also tilt it up and down and form side to side angle. They ensure that the TV is at the perfect angle and it is the best option for the rooms where people would sit anywhere and see TV. Moreover, it is best when there is too much of sun exposure.