Choosing a Table Base for a Granite Coffee Table Top

Choosing a Table Base for a Granite Coffee Table Top


It may be tricky to choose a table base for a granite coffee table due to their weight. This requires an extra consideration so that you make the best choice for your table. Think about the height, size and the weight of the table and this will help you to come up with an appropriate solution.

Tips of choosing a table base

  1. Height. Consider the height of the table. Do you want a table that is so tall that can tip over while in use? Raising your table too high raise the center of gravity and this will require more stabilization. This is a very important factor to consider so that you can be able to determine the weight and size of the base.
  2. Dimension. The granite table top size and thickness should be considered when choosing the base of the table. If the top of the table is large then it means that the base will also be large. The dimensions of the top and the base are directly proportional. This will prevent the table from tipping over as the center of gravity is lowered when you choose on dimensions correctly.
  3. Style of the base is another factor to consider. Consider between the contemporary and the vintage styles. The most preferred one is the contemporary as it is more advantageous over the vintage in both iron columns and bottom.
  4. Number of Columns. Number of columns to use depends on the weight of the granite top. Small disks bases they can be say, 3, clustered below a large granite coffee table top will provide a sufficient distribution of weight under the table.
  5. Table top to the Table base attachment. When gluing the granite top with the base, use a construction adhesive which will allow the screwing of the base to the top securely without it penetrating the stone. This is important as it allows for separation of the two if need be in future.


Before choosing the base of your granite coffee table, you should consider the weight and the size of your table for its steadiness and safety. The base should be large and heavy enough.