Buying coffee and side tables

Buying coffee and side tables

Scale of room

Coffee and side tables are must at your place as they perform a lot of tasks. They are used to hold books, drinks, food and sometimes even games. Some people love to put their feet up and relax; for which a coffee and side table is perfect option. The kids need some place for coloring and the coffee table is the perfect place. There are few things which you need to keep in mind while buying the coffee and side tables. First of all, you need to decide the exact purpose of buying the coffee table. Moreover, you should think what the room is missing and choose the table accordingly which can complete your room.

What to consider 

When you are buying the coffee table, you need to make the footprint so that you can see the scale of your room. If the room is very big and the coffee table is very large, then you can break the scale with the pair of ottomans and benches. They can be used during parties as they can be moved and used for circulation. If you have two sofas and the seating arrangement at your place is very large, then the big coffee table is best option. In such situation, you can also consider buying two coffee tables and matching both of them. A normal sized coffee table is 48 by 24 inches and the large one is double this size.

Smart option

The tray top or the lip edge is a smart option to be used on the coffee table and side tables. It is beneficial when you have the tendency of spilling coffee on it. If there are kids at home then this option is to be chosen. They are also useful in the case that you entertain a lot and are worried of the red wine getting spilled on the table. Keep in mind to buy the coffee and side tables of the height similar to the surrounding seating arrangement. It depends on everyone’s furniture but the usual height is 18 inches. If you are choosing the coffee table with the lip then it should not be higher than the seating arrangement.