Budget TV Stand under $ 50

Budget TV Stand under $ 50

Not everyone is easy on spending money on TV stands. Many people who work out for most of the day or students renting a room are not keen in investing thousands of dollar on something that will just hold their TV in place. Well don’t worry we here have some amazing ideas and ways to have TV stand under $ 50.

  1. Do it yourself –

We have internet websites full of DIY for making your own TV stands or any furniture. You can purchase wood or any material you need for making the stand from any nearby garage sale at very cheap rate. Screw, paints and other equipment’s required are again very cheap to purchase. Here all you will need is to be perfect at measurements and careful while handling cutting equipment.

  1. Use your exiting furniture –

We all are full on furniture at our place. Mount your TV on the wall at height you wish it to be. Take your table or dresser that is just not much in use and paint them new. Arrange this table below your mounted TV and here you go, you’re all new TV stand under $ 50 is ready. Add things on this table to make more appealing. Additions like vase or lamp can look amazing.

  1. Buy an old table –

All you need here is to know a nearby garage sale. Search it and buy any old table as per requirement. Now paint them as you need. Keep in mind that the color should be in harmony with your room. Place in below your wall mounted TV and you are ready to go with this below TV stand under $ 50.

  1. Reduce the need –

If you have enough storing place at your house or apartment opt for simple and ones with less facilities. These come at relatively cheaper prices. In fact think about it why would you want much space in your TV stand if already have enough around in house.

  1. Rent it –

People travel a lot these days. Be it for work or studies. We cannot afford to carry all our furniture with us. Renting it is also a good option when you know you are going to use it only for few months.