An Overview of TV Stand for Corner

An Overview of TV Stand for Corner

Televisions have come a long way, they started to be produced small and now they are available as big as 62 inches in screen size. Even though we have flat screen TVs today, its sheer size is making it difficult for us to put them up in our family room. As most of us live in little apartments we might think we cannot fit a big screen TV in our home, but if we choose a right TV stand, it would not take up space. We can go for a big screen entertainer.

Corner TV stands are a big space saver. You can very well consider it as we do not ever use the corners of our living room. Putting up your TV in the corner saves you big space.

Before installing a corner TV stand you need to see that it stands in the corner. Its shape is triangular and it can only be placed only in a corner. You should also look at the safety features if you have kids at home. Some of the corner TV stands have rounded edges so that it is safe for them. It is better if you choose such models.


Like all other TV stands Corner TV stands come in different styles


Cabinet style is most common it has closed drawers and cabinets around the base where a TV can be kept. It comes with shutters for your TV unit to be covered.

Open shelves:

Open shelve design, as the name suggests has space provided with no enclosing structure. It is used for an open look, but it does not come with a lot of space.


If you want a rotating structure so that you can adjust your viewing angle of your TV in the room, you can choose the swivel type.

Floating type:

Floating type stand gives a definite style with its shape and raised figure.

As in normal TV unit stands, corner TV stand comes in metal or wood material. People who like to be up to date in style usually go with metal and glass stands.