An Overview of Real wood TV stand

An Overview of Real wood TV stand

There are no homes without TV nowadays. People with busy life relax by spending some time watching their favourite shows in the evening. TV designs are being made to give a stylish look. It reflects style and status of a house and its owner. Hence choosing a TV stand for your TV has become an important decision.

There are different types of TV stands to choose from but real wood TV stand is one thing which will never go out of fashion.

A real wood TV stand gives you a royal and natural look. It will go well with any decorations in your room. Even though metal and glass TV stands are available in market today, most people still prefer wood.

There are lots of styles that you can go for in a real wood TV stand.

Classical look: You can go for a classical looking wood work stand which has grooves and designs carved on to the wood. This will give a traditional touch to the stand. You can add stone and glass works to make them look more appealing. Classical look can go well with cabinet type stands which have closed structures.

Modern look: Real wood TV stands can also be made to appear modern. They have sleek designs .They may make use of different colored woods to bring out a design. It would also make use of colored glasses and metallic handles.

Woods used

General types of woods that are used to make wooden TV stands are as follow,

Oak wood

Two types of Oak wood are present. Red and white oak categorized based on its color. Oak is an expensive wood.

Maple wood

Expensive wood because of the difficulty involved in making a TV stand. It is dense and durable.

Walnut wood

Best for traditional designs but are very high in cost.

Cherry wood

Most of the furniture is made from cherry wood. Cost affordable.

If you are handy with the wood works you can design and build your own TV stand. This way you can have something which matches your requirement and also you can be sure of the quality and durability of the wood you used.