An Overview of Maple Coffee Table

An Overview of Maple Coffee Table

Materials for making coffee tables

The most common materials in the manufacture of coffee tables are wood, glass, methacrylate, iron, aluminum and wicker. But modern design is imposing the combination of natural materials with other artificial ones, like plastic.

The market offers wooden coffee tables with classic or modern design, rustic or avant-garde. Those coming from Eastern cultures are characterized by offering a wide range of possibilities of use. They are pieces that, generally, can be used like coffee table, of dining room, magazine, exhibitors and even like table of work.

The latest developments in this field are the maple coffee tables. Some have truly original structures, such as a coffee table with adjustable height and that, without being noticed at all, can be used as a work table.

Maple wood

The maple tree is distributed from the border between Ontario and Minnesota, east to Newfoundland, south to near Miami (Florida), and southwest to east Texas. It is widely cultivated in parks and gardens, where there is a great variety of cultivars. Its sap is also used to produce maple syrup. The maple leaf is a prominent national symbol in Canada and is represented on its flag.

The color of the wood is white or light yellow. The woody rays are visible and appear in the form of very fine and decorative stripes. The fiber can be straight or wavy, and the grain is fine.

If the drying is done very quickly the wood retains its white hue, on the contrary, if it is done slowly it acquires a slightly brown tone. The wood dried by this slow process is marketed under the name “weathered sycamore”.

Have good skills to obtain sheet by cutting to flat. It has very good steam bending skills. The gluing, nailing and screwing does not present problems, and its mechanical properties are like those of the oak.


It is used for decorative coatings, furniture and cabinetmaking. That’s why a maple coffee table is ideal for decorating a contemporary, conservative room, if combined with upholstered furniture with light colored fabrics.