An Overview of 50 inch corner TV stand

An Overview of 50 inch corner TV stand

With big screen TVs available in market today, people want to buy at least a nominally big screen TV. 50 inch TV is one of the popular and widely available TV sets. As size of TVs has increased, the choice of TV stands available has also increased.

For a 50 inch TV there are varieties of TV stands available. As it is a big size TV, the stand also comes in big size so as to support the weight. Different types of 50 inch TV stands are available in market but the most sensible choice for a 50 inch screen is a corner TV stand.

50 inch is a big size and if you place it in a small living room it will use up most of the space, it is only smart to choose a stand which will conserve space. You can always go with wall mounting but you won’t get any storage space. A corner of a room is someplace that we do not use at all, so using the corner to place your TV is a smart move. It also gives your room a sense of style.

Types of 50 inch corner TV stand:


Cabinet type corner TV stand comes with ample storage space with closed structures. It looks neat and it sometimes comes with shutters for the television itself which satisfies people who want to lock up their TV when not in use.

Open shelve:

Open shelve type stands come with slightly limited space with open spaces to put your entertainment units.

High stand: 

High stand corner stands have no storage space but they provide your living room a classy look.

TV stands with mount:

There is also the corner stand with mount which means you can safely secure your TV with your TV stand.

There are other types of corner stands apart from the above which you can choose from.

The materials used to corner stand play an important role in how it looks, there are two materials used often they are wood and metal. Wood comes with a smooth stylish finish or they have grooves and designs to look classic. Metals usually come with glass work for a more modern contemporary look.