An overview of 47 Inch TV Stand

An overview of 47 Inch TV Stand

Flat screen televisions are the trends of this era. The flat screen televisions gain its beauty on mounting. If you have a 47 inch TV then it is necessary for you to buy a 47 inch TV stand to make the TV screen appear good and big. The 47 inch TV stands can be of wall mount type or table top type.

Table top

The TVs are mounted atop over a stand. The table top stands are preferred widely because they can also contain other objects. The table top stands will be wide enough to have the TV over it.

  • Material

They can be made of metal, stone, glass or wood. The stands made of wood will appear majestic. The type of wood can also be chosen depending on your need and the place you are mounting. The metal stands are highly durable. The glass stands are unique giving a modern look to your place. The stone made stands are generally embedded over the wall.

  • Types

The 47 inch TV stands that are of table top can be of different types. They include, swivel type (rotating platform), console type (sufficient shelving), hutch type (stacked shelves), cabinet type (loaded with cabinets along with space for TV), open shelving type (shelves with top mount stands) etc.

  • Designs

The designs for table top stands are rustic design, modern design, traditional design, and contemporary design. Rustic design is an old fashioned design with metal and wood construction. The modern and traditional designs are of present and usual type respectively. Most of the traditional designs are made of wood or stone where as the modern style has glass or metal made designs. The industrial design is generally made of steel reflecting an industrial class.

Wall mount type

The wall mount type 47 inch TV stand will make your television appear as though it is floating. The wall mount type stands are generally made of metal. They will be fixed over your wall and will hold your TV on place. Some TV stands can also accommodate the speakers.