Adding More Security to Your Wooden Furniture With Glass Table Tops

Adding More Security to Your Wooden Furniture With Glass Table Tops

Table tops mad with glass offer a remarkable and down to earth highlight to any present day themed office space or home. With regards to fashioner complement pieces, nothing equals to glass in terms of cost and value. Extraordinarily easy to tend to Glass Table tops can be utilized as an independent piece or as security when set on top of a collectible or profitable wooden surface. Glass is a likewise financially savvy answer for resurface a current table top because of harm or spills.

A typical glass table top:

A custom cut table top offers an impeccable approach to accomplish the assurance or look you’re after without expecting to use up every last cent. At the point when utilized as a cover for a wooden surface, a more slender glass is utilized, regularly with a quarter inch thickness. One of the best things with revamping a property with glass-based items is the short establishment time and insignificant measure of wreckage.


The Glass Table cover can be sliced to any shape (rectangle, octagon, oval, round, and square) and size. Also, with an assortment of various completed edges (pencil, sloped, brightening and level cleaned) it is conceivable to outline a table to fit a specific topic or taste.

A portion of the worthwhile to utilizing a glass sheet to secure a high esteemed furniture piece comprise of –

  • The straightforward way of the glass beat makes certain the magnificence of a wood surface appears on the other side
  • Complete straightforwardness in cleaning and exceptionally sterile
  • No should be worried with spills, glass stains, or unplanned warmth sources
  • Does not effortlessly scratch or get harmed
  • No further need to utilize table materials

For custom Glass Table tops, it is frequently conceivable to browse a few unique thicknesses and hues relying upon an individual flavor. While a standard sheet of clear glass frequently accompanies a slight green tint, a sheet of low-iron glass is likewise accessible, which gives an appearance that shows up perfectly clear when seen from the edge.

Regardless of whether it is for a foot stool, lounge area table, meeting room table, composing work area, the Glass Table top offers the perfect measure of strength, usefulness, and looks, without overpowering the presence of a room in the workplace or home.