Add a New Look to your Entertainment Space with a White Corner TV Stand

Add a New Look to your Entertainment Space with a White Corner TV Stand

A TV stand is not only for parlour use or the dining room but you can also store your leather- bounds in one of the shelves within your sight. You can also store your VCDs and DVDs in a shelf alongside with other souvenirs you cherish.

A white TV stand you will enjoy having

It is ideal for entertaining, decorative purposes as well as for dining. It is designed with tempered glass and has spacious bottom shelf. It has smooth wood finish with holes in the back of the panel for cords. Drawers are spacious enough to hold around 30 Blue-ray cases and around 30 DVDs.

It can hold a TV of 60”with cable management. It has ample space to store Media accessories. The material of the frame is manufactured wood. The back of the stand too has a good finish.

Make your Entertainment Space Attractive with a White Corner TV Stand

The white corner TV stand can hold TV of around 130lbs with a base of 40”. It does not only serve for holding the TV but has ample storage space to accommodate all electronic items. It is made of engineered wood with smooth white finish. It has grommet to hold the cord neatly.

The media player audio/ video components, the gaming console are all secure in the storage space with closed door. Your books can be accommodated in one of the closed shelves and there is also space for display.

TV stand with LED Lights to add a trendy Look

The white corner TV stand is as sleek as the flatscreen TV and brightens up the setting with white gloss LED lights. The stand has ample storage space and the storage space has push –to-open doors which do not require any handles provided there is nothing in the way of the opening.

The peripherals can be housed in the open shelves. The opening behind keeps the cables   neatly concealed. The height of the stand is 40.5 cm and width is around 150 cm. It is best to have your space measured before ordering this beautiful TV stand.

Thinking of getting a white corner TV stand choose the one with LED light and you will not regret your decision.