55 Inch TV Stand with Mount good enough for my room?

55 Inch TV Stand with Mount good enough for my room?

We are all confused at time of TV purchase as to what size of TV to be purchased? The answer to those is simple for many – as big as one wants and can afford. Factors that guide the size of TV are – size of the room, your eyes, distance of sitting arrangement from the TV, and last but not the least preference of your spouse.

Domination of room and screen resolution are two factors that come to play when thinking of big screen TV such as 55 Inch TV Stand with Mount on the stand.

Seating arrangement

Nowadays, TVs come with a lot of pixels up to 1080p. But keep in mind the seating arrangements ideal from watching TV you are not going to see any pixel. Only if you are awkwardly close to TV will you be able to see pixels.  When you are having seating arrangements close to TV large TVs might not look as good. They have been designed to be seen from far.

Room Domination

The other factor is room dominations. However this is very subjective. You need to know to know how big you TV you want until you want it to be only thing in the room. If you have doubts about this, take a piece of cardboard and cut it in TV shape. Hold it in place where your TV would come. See if you are satisfied with size and do remember your TV will look much better than this cardboard. This will gain depend to size of the room, harmony with other furniture and total décor of the house.

Choose big one rather than little one

Watching small screen in dark room is too much straining for the eyes. It causes them to widen up causing eye muscle fatigue.

Considering all factors mention above I concluded that use of TV appropriate as per the room size and sitting arrangement should be done. Any selection from the middle size range of TV collection should be ideal, making 55 Inch TV Stand with Mount best option. With the help of in built mount the height of the TV can also be administered.