5 Practical Tips for Picking the Perfect Glass Coffee Table (Round) For Your Living Room

5 Practical Tips for Picking the Perfect Glass Coffee Table (Round) For Your Living Room

Glass coffee tables are one of the must-haves if you’re planning on having a simple yet elegant living room. It is a classic and a modern piece at the same time, depending on how it looks.

As trendy as rectangular glass tables can get, safety should not be compromise. Rectangular tables have sharp edges that might hit you or your family, especially kids that move around the living room in a frenzy. Because of this, it is prudent to choose round tables over rectangular ones especially if your living room has a limited space and you have kids.

But how do you choose the one without undermining safety, style and efficiency? Here are five practical tips for picking the perfect glass coffee table round for your home:


The one thing you should have in mind is that glass is fragile. It might break once it cannot carry the weight that has been put on it so when choosing the table, make sure you first know what to use it with. Glass coffee tables round are usually used only for light materials such as vases, magazines, lightweight books and the likes.


Of course the living room is one of the statement parts of a home. You would want it to look appealing and to do so, be sure to be mindful of everything you put in it. When choosing the glass table, keep in mind that you have to coordinate it with the other living room furniture. According to Vogue, muted colours, bronze and gray are the go-to design trends in 2017.


Coffee tables are best when put in the middle or in front of your couch, as it becomes more accessible and is a good catchall to everyone that is sitting in the living room. Choose the one that would stand out when placed in the middle.


Choose a coffee table that is level with the top of the couch and doesn’t go past the sides. It should be deep enough to house any items you want to place on top.


To make sure it doesn’t easily break yet still stylish, it’s best to use ¼ inches thick (or thicker) glass and have a colour that is matching the motif of your other living room furniture. The legs should be made out of a sturdy material like brass or hardwoods (e.g. oak, ash, poplar).