3 Best Place in Your Apartment to Use Console Table and Mirror

3 Best Place in Your Apartment to Use Console Table and Mirror

Console Table and Mirror probably the very last piece of furniture comes into your mind to give a finishing touch for your new apartment. Console Table and Mirror together give a different look in your interior. Most of the time console table uses as a shelf for you décor items. Besides being a decorative item, it is also very useful for your different rooms. If you are pondering to use console table and mirror in your different rooms, here comes a few of useful ideas for you.

In Hallway

Hallway can be decorated in a way where you will find a corner with console table and mirror to put your keys, bags, accessories and other items just before leaving home or just after arriving home. A console table gives you additional space for items and a mirror apart from its usual function, it can give a enlarge visualization for your small hallway. You can choose any kind of console table go with your interior if you got a large hallway. While you are choosing a console table for your small hallway, you better go for a console table with shelves and drawers. On the other hand Contemporary console table with build in led light is a great one for your narrow hallway.

In Bedroom

Bedroom is the most private room in whole apartment. In bedroom you can use console table and mirror as a dressing table where you can keep your cosmetics, makeup and accessories. Console table and mirror with built in lights can gives a great look for your bedroom especially when it is poorly lit and small. You can also choose console table with drawer and shelf depending on your needs.

In Dining room

It may comes into your mind that console table and mirror is very unusual arrangement for dining room. The matter of fact it is very useful for your dining to give a classical look for it. Console table in dining room can be used a storage for dining utensils, wine bottles, napkins, table cloths and cutlery. Some console tables come with a wheel which is used for serving meals but such table rarely includes any mirror.