10 Wood and Metal (Round) Coffee Tables That Cost No More Than $200.00

10 Wood and Metal (Round) Coffee Tables That Cost No More Than $200.00

A good round wood and metal coffee table is no doubt, a classic furniture. What makes me say that? It’s wood and metal! I mean, that alone shouts ‘classic’. Wood and metal tables give that earthy and sophisticated look to the environment which would be a refreshing sight to look at. If you’re looking for one, you’re in luck. These items cost no more than $200.00 and are worth your money. Here are some to help jumpstart your search:

Carlisle Round Coffee Table (Overstock) | $161.99

This table features a scratch-resistant clear glass top. A shelf beneath the table provides storage space for magazines and other incidentals. Expensive-looking and is easy to assemble.

Julia Coffee Table (Wayfair) | $190.99

Very sturdy and is easy to put together especially for females with no hand tool abilities. A woven industrial basket crafted of metal topped with wood.

NJ343 Coffee Table (Nadeau) | $178.00

A simple table that is skimp on price, not on style. It is made out of wood that has an iron base. Its stores are located in Southern and the North-eastern United States. Prices vary by location.

Geoff Coffee Table (Houzz) | $135.99

Geoff is a table that has a black metal base, an oak wood top and casters that provide mobility. This table is perfectly sized for loft and apartment spaces, very easy to assemble.

Hillsdale Furniture Marsala (Walmart) | $138.36

This traditional coffee table includes a clear glass top that allows you to view of its intricate design. Great value for its price and is very easy to assemble.

Arkelstorp Coffee Table (IKEA) | $149.00

Yes, this table is solely made of wood but it is too good not to be on this list for your must-haves. This is a convertible table that can be round or square, depending on your convenience.

Bovey Coffee Table (Wayfair) | $141.99

This is a classic round wood and metal coffee table that has a metal base. A hint of modern design is present as there is also glass in the top material. Quick and easy to assemble.

Holly and Martin Bannock Table Set (Overstock) | $117.99

A high-quality, minimalistic mid-century-styled table set. Perfect for low sofas and is easy to assemble. Most of all, you get two instead of just one!

CBK Coffee Table (Wayfair) | $196.99

This table is chic and uniquely adorable. It is very easy to assemble and is lightweight, so it can be easily moved whenever. With its casual look, you can never go wrong with it.

Brickley Coffee Table (Wayfair) | $187.99

This contemporary coffee table brings instant style to any room. The fine geometry of its trendy iron base complements its top.